Strategies to Help You Reach Your Home Selling Goals in Eastern

Strategies to Help You Reach Your Home Selling Goals in Eastern

Do you find yourself wishing there was a better way to sell your home? Look no more! There has been a revolutionary change in the real estate industry. Real estate agents and professional investors have joined forces, combining the best of both worlds to create a unique one-stop service for homeowners. As hybrid agent investors, they can help you decide on the best way to sell your property while making the process easier.

Once you have talked everything over with your hybrid agent investor, you can form an educated opinion on the best strategy to sell your home for your circumstances. Then, depending upon which solution works in your favor, they will serve as a professional investor and buy your home directly from you or act as a conventional real estate agent, selling your home with a traditional listing on the MLS. 

Read on as we explore these strategies to help you reach your home selling goals in Eastern.


Does a binding job offer in another market have the clock ticking down on selling, or perhaps you already relocated to care for an ailing family member or other personal issues have you concerned about time? If you are short on time, working with a professional real estate agent who is also a professional investor like the hybrid agent investors at Homebuyers of NC is the solution you seek. These pros will compare what you would get if you can afford to wait out a listing against what you would profit by selling your home directly. If the best game plan to help you reach your home selling goals in Eastern is acting as a professional investor, you won’t have to worry about a buyer backing out on you. They will buy your home directly in a matter of days, with your closing date guaranteed. And if that is just a little too soon, you can select a later date that works best for your plans.


If time is not your problem, your finances very well could be the driving force behind selling because cashing in on your equity may be vital to keeping your head above water. If this is the case, working with a real estate agent and professional investor all in one might just be the best approach to help you reach your home selling goals in Eastern. Like those at Homebuyers of NC, hybrid agent investors will take the time to stop and listen to your situation. With years of experience, they understand that circumstances can change drastically. They will share the full details of every number used in their calculations, making sure you agree in full that their cash offer is fair. Because they are professional investors with cash backing their financing, the deal won’t fall through at the last minute, either.

Holding Costs

Hybrid agent investors have developed a system to help you reach your home selling goals in Eastern while saving you money. Working with a hybrid agent investor means you are working with a professional that lives and works in Eastern and has been building a vast network for years. As a real estate agent, they will broadcast your listing to the attention of eager buyers. However, no matter how quickly an agent may sell your house, holding costs or the monthly expense of still owning the home will continue to add up. So, if you prefer to avoid any holding costs, acting as a professional investor, a hybrid agent investor like those at Homebuyers of NC will buy your home directly. 

Selling Costs

Suppose your home needs serious repairs, which could run into the tens of thousands; listing on the MLS may not be the best option. Typically, homes in this state are considered bargain listings and receive few offers. Because buyers prefer homes ready to be moved immediately upon closing when offers come, they are insultingly low. Alternatively, you can leave the repairs behind because an offer from a hybrid agent investor will be for your house as it is. Hybrid agent investors like those at Homebuyers of NC will make an offer you’ll feel good about long after closing. Finally, suppose your home is better suited to selling on the MLS because your online image is the beginning of the sale, acting as an agent. In that case, the most up-to-date technologies will be utilized for marketing, high-quality professional photography and will help you reach your home selling goals Eastern. If you prefer to work with your hybrid agent as an investor and avoid showings, you can skip the marketing, and as a bonus, you will keep the real estate agent commissions for yourself.

Why not reach out and find out how the hybrid agent investors at Homebuyers of NC can help you reach your home selling goals in Eastern? To learn more, send us a message or call Homebuyers of NC at (910) 218-8874.


Jerry has been involved in real estate for over 10 years. He graduated High School and enlisted in the Army, where he excelled in the Elite Army Rangers. Unfortunately, he sustained a major injury during a training exercise and was honorably / medically discharged after 4 years of service. He decided to attend Appalachian State University for both his undergrad and grad school with emphasis on Systems Engineering and Virtual technologies. He went on to work for multiple fortune 100 companies as an Engineer. Jerry stumbled into real estate investing with his father after deciding to fix up an old house down the street from his childhood home. After that house Jerry never looked back. Since then Jerry has helped hundreds of homeowners in selling, buying, and renting properties. Jerry has a GREAT team that works day in and day out to help homeowners sell their properties to local investors like himself. Contact Jerry

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